Data Backbone for the Energy Industry

ChorusLink redefines the mechanics of energy trade data storage by introducing the common trade repository. Moving to a single data object per trade and a standardized format on a highly performant technology platform enables you to facilitate automation and streamline processes at significantly lower costs.

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Implementation made easy

ChorusLink effectively cuts down on implementation time and cost; as a shared platform, it comes equipped with a complete master data repository, and through the use of market templates, trade migration is simplified and fast.

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We are a Swiss software company introducing a new paradigm for trade data storage and management in European energy markets.

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ChorusLink News and Updates

Norlys Energy Trading Selects Previse Systems as Partner for the Delivery of its Core ETRM Platform

Previse Systems announced today that Norlys Energy Trading has chosen Previse Systems as their partner for the delivery of its Core ETRM platform, which will be based on ChorusLink, Previse Coral and the Coral Ecosystem.

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Plug & Play Connectivity from the enmacc Trading Platform to ChorusLink & Previse Coral

Automatic integration of transactions executed on the enmacc Trading Platform to the ChorusLink Common Trade Repository and Previse Coral ETRM Solution via Lead Consult’s Universal Loader.

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Master Data Management as a Service

A Common Data Repository increases efficiencies and streamlines processes in many ways. An example is ChorusLink's inherent feature Master Data Management as a Service.

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European Energy joins ChorusLink for Next Generation Trade Data Management

ChorusLink announced today that European Energy has successfully moved to the ChorusLink common trade repository.

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