At ChorusLink, our purpose is to spearhead a change of paradigm for energy trading software. We think ongoing trends in energy markets and technology platforms one step further and follow the vision of a common platform for energy trading data. This conceptual quantum leap facilitates process efficiencies, optimises investment returns on IT spending and fosters future infrastructure adaptability on an unprecedented level.

Our story

ChorusLink was founded by Previse Systems as the cornerstone of a radical re-design of the software function in energy trading and risk management (ETRM).

Previse Systems employs the latest technology and advanced collaboration methods to maximise IT efficiency, to optimise time-to-market via enhanced adaptability, to facilitate vendor independence and also to significantly reduce related costs.

Our shareholders

We believe that trade data are strategic assets of energy companies.

In order to secure this, energy companies purchase a share in the ChorusLink AG when joining the platform, so that ChorusLink is owned and controlled by its subscribers.

Our team

Birgit Rauch-Zumbrägel

Birgit is in charge of the management and operations of ChorusLink.

With a background of over 30 years in setting up and running finance, legal, HR and operations departments across various industries, most recently for an energy software company, Birgit’s diligence, business acumen and experience ensure a best-practice approach to operations and prudent cost management for ChorusLink.

Birgit lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland.