Plug & Play Connectivity from the enmacc Trading Platform to ChorusLink & Previse Coral

Zug, Munich and Frankfurt, 21. January 2021: Previse Systems, enmacc and Lead Consult have announced today the automatic integration of transactions executed on the enmacc Trading Platform to the ChorusLink Common Trade Repository and Previse Coral ETRM Solution via Lead Consult’s Universal Loader.

The trade import interface is a true “Plug & Play” solution, requiring minimum effort to deploy, operate and extend – new products, new commodities and new market areas can easily be added via an intuitive configuration screen.

Beyond the import of actual trades (either triggered automatically upon trade execution or in bulk at specified times), the interface offers interesting prospects of future functional extensions, e.g.:

  • import incoming RFQs (Requests-For-Quote) into Previse Coral as simulated trades before quoting any prices, value imported tenders in Previse Coral, add a margin and send the price quote back to enmacc in an automated process
  • automated update of credit limits from Coral to enmacc

Alexander Nikolov, Founder and CEO at Lead Consult, says: “This Plug & Play integration between enmacc, ChorusLink and Previse Coral is an important step forward to the full digitalisation of the energy trading and downstream processes.

Volker Puck, Managing Director at enmacc, says: “Lead Consult has already supported plenty of our customers for an easy integration of enmacc into their software setup. With the ChorusLink and Previse Coral integration a new and innovative ETRM solution is now also connected with enmacc, providing a lot of automation opportunities and benefits to our mutual customers.”

Asbjørn Hansen, Managing Director at Previse Systems, says: “It is refreshing to collaborate with partners who also focus on high-performance modern technology stacks with clean interfaces and integration capabilities. Connecting enmacc to our solution landscape is another step for us to widen the offering for our customers and automate the trade life cycle.

About ChorusLink

ChorusLink AG is a Swiss software company introducing a new paradigm for trade data storage and management in European energy markets.

ChorusLink sees its purpose in spearheading a change of paradigm for energy trading software. Thinking ongoing trends in energy markets and technology platforms one step further ChorusLink follows the vision of a common platform for energy trading data. This conceptual quantum leap facilitates process efficiencies, optimises investment returns on IT spending and fosters future infrastructure adaptability on an unprecedented level.

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About Previse Systems

At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented and operated. We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.

As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain. The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost. We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance.

With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast-evolving environment.

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About enmacc

enmacc is the next-generation energy trading platform, boosting liquidity in markets for power, gas and renewable certificates across Europe. We deliver efficiency, security and critical data to grow your business margin and execute optimal trading. enmacc is Europe’s fastest-growing digital OTC energy trading platform and digitises energy trading from end-to-end. Our mission is to create powerful energy markets for the world. Market participants gain speed, efficiency and security. All members of the enmacc network benefit from gaining more market opportunities and liquidity as well as new business potential. enmacc customers can use three trading screens: entender – the world-leading Request-For-Quote (RFQ) technology for energy markets; enmarket – the OTC price screen and open marketplace for one-click trading; and engreen – a state-of-the-art trading screen for Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). Complete documentation and complete, audit-proof archiving of all trading activities on the platform take place automatically. The real-time credit check guarantees trading and process security on all sides.

enmacc was founded in 2016, is based in Munich and has a team of more than 60 people working on the future of energy trading together with the enmacc network of more than 330 companies and over 1,600 active traders.

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About Lead Consult

LEAD Consult is a dynamic, customer-oriented company, specialized in providing software solutions as well as business and IT consulting services in the energy and financial sectors. Our deep industry knowledge together with excellent skills in management consulting, technology and innovation allows us to challenge the conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses and companies worldwide.

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Master Data Management as a Service

The vision of ChorusLink is to become the data backbone of the energy industry for trade data. The benefits of a common data repository include comprehensive centralised master data management, relieving the back office (or system admin) of an unnecessary burden.

Energy market participants need to maintain various types of master data required for trading operations in their IT systems. Ensuring that this data is always kept up to date in every system generates costs and is frequently a manual (and error-prone) process. APIs to build interfaces are only available for a limited number of sources, which until now made automation of master data maintenance all but impossible.

ChorusLink now makes this possible.

A description of the service can be downloaded here.